Boutique Business Consultancy

Providing practical collaborative-based support to established SME’s, Business Support Agencies and Start-Ups

We help businesses to achieve their growth aspirations and goals by providing an external perspective to overcome a variety of day-to-day commercial and operational challenges, while realising opportunities to increase efficiencies, turnover and profitability. We also apply this skill set on behalf of Public Sector and Private Sector Business Support Agencies/Organisations

Uniquely, we have our own cloud software “VentureCast”, which is used to practically and cost effectively conduct a thorough analysis of any business. It can play an integral part in; strategic planning, growth/diversification, support funding applications, business feasibility studies and to build an internal business case

Our clients gain access to our more than 30 years of commercial experience building/operating businesses and advising business owners and senior management teams. Previous client experience includes; Coca Cola, Unilever, Mott McDonald, BHP, Wungening Aboriginal Corporation and over 150 SME businesses in the UK and Australia

We leverage funding support where possible to help clients maximise their investment. Working with organisations such as The Entrepreneurs Programme and Indigenous Business Australia.


Partnering with us

Many of WA"s leading Business Support Agencies/Organisations and Programs utilise Illumium to deliver a range of advisory support to their end-clients.

We've helped to establish courses and program content, provided individual tailored support to help establish business plans, growth plans, funding support and grant applications on behalf of the following clients;




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Our Core Competencies:

Business Strategy, Business Planning, Financial Forecasting, Business Growth Support, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Deliverables and Mentoring

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